Kuumba Community Arts started in 2013 with the goal/vision to see empowered youth leading self-sufficient lives through the arts and design. Based in the Ensley community, Kuumba uses creativity and design education to drive social change.

Kuumba Timeline of Accomplishments/Activities
  • Spring 2013: ran 8 week “Intro to Digital Photography” class with 5 students from Council Elementary and Bush Middle at the Ensley Rec. Parents, family, friends, and community members were invited to a finale gala that displayed student work.
  • Summer 2013: conducted 3 “Intro to Digital Photography” camps with 50 students at the Ensley Recreation Center, Urban Ministries, and the Rosewood area.
  • Fall 2014: facilitated, “100 Lenses”, a photo voice project, where free disposal cameras were given to residents in Ensley to tell their own stories of their community. The project culminated with an exhibit of 115 photos that are currently available for viewing at the East Ensley Library.

Beginning in October 2015, Kuumba Community Arts will recruit students ages 14-16 in the Birmingham area to participate in a youth design academy. Students will learn basic graphic design techniques taught and mentored by design professionals. For more information about design academy, click here.