Simple ways to choose the best brows for your hair colour

Choosing the right eyebrow colour is risky. You have to choose the colour of the brow, which looks natural and suitable for your eyes. You can choose your eyeshades based on your hair colour and skin colour. If you choose to wring colour means, it looks too dark and gives different look to your face. Let us see some of the tips to get the best brows for your hair colour.

Select 1-2 shades lighter

If you have brown or black hair, you can choose 1-2 lighter shades because it gives natural look to your eyebrows. The oil present in your skin also darkens your eyebrows colour, so choose a lighter colour than your hair colour. Apply one shade first and check. If you need one more shade then use another shade.

Choose 1-2 shades darker

If you have blonde or light brown hair, then you can choose 1-2 shades darker. If your hair looks lighter in colour then make sure your eyebrows colour should be darker.

Pick taupe colour

If you have blonde hair, you can pick a taupe colour. This colour helps to make your eyebrows look natural and not so dark against your brown hair.

Select soft brown colour

You can go with a soft brown colour in case you have black or brown hair. This light brown colour gives a cool look if you have moderate brown hair. If you have dark black brows, then do not use black or brown colour, which darkens your brows.

right eyebrow colourChoose blonde colour

If you have red hair, then the blonde colour is suitable for you. This light blonde colour looks natural and enhances your look.

These are some of the tips to choose right eyebrow colour. So select your suitable eyebrows colour and enhance your look.

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