Causes of using waterproof mascara daily?


Girls always like to wear mascara every day. There are two types of mascaras available – one is waterproof mascara and another is regular mascara. Properly more people like waterproof mascara only, because it helps to prevent mascara full day without spreading. If you are using waterproof mascara daily, it may cause some side effects to your eyes and skin. If you wear waterproof mascara, every day may cause brittle and dry eyelashes.

Disadvantages of using mascara daily

Remove waterproof mascara in the right way – Waterproof mascara is designed to last, so removing mascara is very difficult and causes more damage to the lash. The removal process requires lots of rubbing which causes dryness and irritation to the eyes. Therefore, you have to use oil-based makeup remover. Apply any makeup removal oil for 15 seconds on the mascara then wash it off. Then you can use any gentle face cleanser to remove the extra oil. You can use olive oil to remove which is also good for skincare.

Dry your eyelashes – Waterproof mascara contains waxes and silicon, which makes them more resistant to tears, water and sweat. These chemicals dry out your eyelashes and make them fall. So do not use regularly.


Remove mascara before going to bed – Most people avoid remove mascara before going to bed because it takes more time to remove. If you do not remove mascara means, it causes dry lashes or breaking lashes. You cannot solve this problem using eyelash serum. So remove your mascara before going to bed at any cost. You can use Vaseline or cotton balls to remove mascara.

These are some of the disadvantages of regular using waterproof mascara. So try to avoid using mascara regularly. If you want to use it, follow the protective measures to maintain your eye health.

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