Everything you need to know about eyelash extension allergic reaction


It is not that everybody will have the same thickness in their eyelash. Some people will like to have a denser one but at that point in time, they will make use of the eyelash extension which comes according to the variations in the dense. The eyelash extension will also cause some allergic reactions for people who have sensitive skin types. It is very important to know about the skin type before you purchase them. There are many extension allergic reactions and you should know about them in a clear way you can continue reading this article.

What causes the allergy?

Before you apply the eyelash to your eyes, you will apply a glue it contains completely chemicals and those chemicals will not be suitable for everybody. People having sensitive skin will get allergic to it and this will cause you heavy itching and heavy irritation, which will not make you open your eyes.

The main cause of lash extension allergies is the chemicals that are added to it. The main important chemical, which causes the allergy, is present in the glue and they are known as cyanoacrylate, which has the high ability to cause an allergic reaction.

This chemical has the ability to attach to a humid layer, which is already present in your eyes, and they start to grow there and you will get symptoms like running nose and watery eyes.

allergic reaction

Your eyes will start to get red and swelling. Your eyelids will start to get irritated as if you have touched something dangerous with your eyes.

Bottom line

These are some of the important things that you have to know about the allergies that the extension causes you and mainly the glue in it, before you make use of the product you have to know about them better.

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